This is our FAQ page where you can find most of common questions we are asked, If you cannot find the answer to a question you have, kindlly drop us an email and we reply within 24 hours.


Can I have my own angle arrangement for my products and how they should look?

Absolutely! Before we proceed with the photoshoot session of your products, we will provide you with a few samples that we recommend having depending on the shape of your items. If you already have in mind what you want, you can send us some photo samples so we can understand how y ou want your items photographed. We won’t proceed with shooting all the items until you are satisfied with a test sample first.

Do you provide your services only for companies located in Thailand?

Absolutely not! We have many international clients who often send to us their jewelry for photo shoots. For you to feel more at ease sending your products, we are ready to sign agreements and non-disclosure agreements that will give you a peace of mind.

What are your conditions to have my product reshot?

We want you to be satisfied, so please inform us how you want us to photograph your product. Use the project shoot list to describe how you want your products shot. The order form is set up to offer good direction from you to us. You may also provide drawings, illustrations, cell phone images, reference sheets, URLs or a style guide, to better demonstrate your requirements. If we arranged the photos according to your request and you want your pictures shot differently from how you asked us to photograph them, you will be charged again at full rate. However , f we did not follow your instructions, and you are unhappy with the images we photographed, we will reshoot the photos a second time at no charge to you or refund the payment. Please see our Terms and Conditions for more info.

Do you photograph any products other than jewelry?

Although we can shoot any product, for the time being, we only accept jewelry, gemstones, and accessories that go with jewelry such as boxes. For any other products, please contact us so we can understand what you need to shoot and we might accept your project.

In how many angles you shoot my product?

Our prices include photos of one product shot at 2 angles of your choice. If you require additional shots, we will charge you an additional fee. Please refer to our pricelist for the additional fees for extra angles.

What's your privacy policy?

We do not share your information with anyone. We want to display any of y our photos on our site for marketing purposes, we will ask you before to get  your permission. We never disclose any information about your company or products without your consent. If you would like us to sign a NDA, we can do that too. See our Terms and Conditions for our complete privacy policy.

Can I have a background on my photos other than white?

We deliver all photos on white background with your choice of natural reflection or drop shadow. However, you can always request a different background if your product requires it. We are always available to discuss a different background color, different surface, or custom background. Just let us know we can provide you with a custom quote if we deem that necessary. To note that the photos we deliver to you are layered TIFF images, therefore; you can always change the background yourself (or have a designer do it).

For what kind of application i can use the photos you provide?

For the time being, we shoot products that you can use on the internet, product print for brochure or catalogs, and banners. We do not photograph items on backdrops or models for the use of magazine advertising.

Pricing & payment

How do I make a payment?

For local customers (Thailand)

Local customers can pay either by business cheque, cash, or bank transfers.


For International customers:

Before starting your project we will send you a quote with a payment link or bank account details which you can use to accept the quote and pay. We accept PayPal or bank transfers for international clients.


How do I ship my product to you?

If you are present in Thailand, you can send your products by any courier of your preference. If you are located overseas, we recommend using CARNET ATA system to ship the goods, so any import duties are waived. The goods will then enter on a temporary basis for photography and shipped back once done. You can ship by any other carrier of your preference such as DHL, Fedex, Brinks, Malca Amit, Ferrari, etc. However, using such carriers will result in import duties charges that you will be responsible for paying.


What is your turnaround time?

Depending on the current queue, for 1-25 items our turnaround time is 7 business days from the day you approve our sample shot(s) for one or more items from your batch. For quantities that are over 25 items, please contact us for a delivery timeframe that depends on the work in progress. If your product needs special attention we are happy to accommodate rush orders that come at extra fees. After your payment is received, all photos are uploaded online for you to download at your convenience.

What is the resolution of the photos you deliver?

We photograph all products in high resolution and the photos are delivered to you in layered TIFF format various resolutions. Please refer to our pricing table for details on pricing of various resolutions. If you require a different size/resolution we can provide, just let us know ahead of time so we can deliver product photography shots you need.

How you deliver my photos?

We normally use dropbox to deliver all your photos. If you don’t want to use dropbox, we can manage to deliver it to you by other means using the internet. If you have a preferred method, kindly let us know and we will see how to use that dispatch method.

What rights do I have on my photos?

You have unlimited usage rights to the final images and we will never charge you any royalties. You may not sell or re-license the images to a third party without our consent. This includes a stock for profit which would be a violation of the copyright agreement. Please visit our Terms and Conditions page for more information.

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